PhoneFusion saves you money and time, and lets those you want get connected!

PhoneFusion is an innovative provider of reliable, hosted communications solutions. We offer cutting edge communications solutions – where users craft the suite of services they need for their professional and social lives – unencumbered by the need for hardware, management permission, hard to decipher interfaces or costly up-front investments.

UDC - User Defined Communications

Imagine a world where communications are “User Defined”; where you pick and choose any combination of devices, services, features and applications you want to manage your communications.

PhoneFusion delivers this world. We fuse all the best technology into a simplified, friendly system customized to your unique needs, desires and budget. With PhoneFusion, it’s all about YOU.

UDC – Cutting edge technology for the rest of us

Communications is a social issue – it’s not just about technology. People and companies have different styles and they certainly don't like to be forced into how they communicate. PhoneFusion provides the freedom to communicate using superior services in the way that is most appropriate, effective and convenient.

UDC – More versatile communications

As a highly-reliable “cloud” service, PhoneFusion does not rely on any single technology vendor’s approach to communications management. PhoneFusion frees you to use any carrier or service provider, any mode of service, any application and any ISP. Incorporate any phone, fax, PDA or computer into your own solution unencumbered by the need for specialized hardware. There are no up-front investments, lengthy implementations or expensive upgrades. PhoneFusion gives you everything you need in one place - you no longer need to employ or switch between multiple services.

UDC – It’s your call!

PhoneFusion has a profound effect on people’s lifestyles and the way they communicate. UDC by PhoneFusion puts user desires and personal experience at the core, not as an add-on. We bring all the features together in a single, easily managed unified service. Professionals find PhoneFusion easy to adapt into both their work and social lives; where they can to have it their way without the need for management permission or IT involvement. Small and mid-sized businesses have the flexibility to easily create and shape a unique communications universe.

UDC – and more…

In addition to the world’s premier UDC solution, PhoneFusion offers several solutions :